Miguel A. Piñeros

My research interests include crop adaptation to soil abiotic stresses, bioavailability of iron, zinc and phytochemicals for improved health [...]

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Jon E. Shaff

My research has focused on the physiological aspects of ion uptake. Over time the research themes have evolved, starting with work on K+, NH4+, NO3–, and H+ fluxes in maize, rice, and barley roots, using the vibrating probe to measure ion currents [...]

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Eric J. Craft

Being a technician in the unique position of the 'go-to' person, I follow the research direction that the lab travels. Currently, I am involved in development of a 'new' growth systems for hydroponics. [...]

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Brandon G. Larson

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Tyler W. Davis

I am developing hardware/software solutions that enable researchers to collect digital images, along with all the relevant experimental details, of a range of hydroponically grown agricultural crop roots for 2D and 3D trait analysis [...]

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Zhigang Liu

As a candidate Ph.D student, my research focus is on genetics and physiology of maize root system architecture in response to nutrient stress (e.g., +/– Phosphorus and +/– Nitrogen deficiencies). My research goal is to improve crop nutrient use [...]

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