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June 28, 2011: UPDATE: The ligand database has been updated, please install the latest GeoChem.zip file to include these updates

February 7, 2012 MAJOR UPDATE: Newly recompiled executable jar files which will run on Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems are now availble.

February 15, 2012 UPDATE: We have added versions of the program which will run on Linux 32 and 64 bit machines.

Click Here to Download GeoChem-EZ for Windows 32-bit

Click Here to Download GeoChem-EZ for Windows 64-bit

Click Here to Download GeoChem-EZ for Linux 32-bit

Click Here to Download GeoChem-EZ for Linux 64-bit


Installation Instructions-

Please read through the instructions carefully. Contact us (geochemezsupport@gmail.com) if you have any problems or questions.

Geochem-EZ will work on any computer that is running a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system. It will also run on 32 or 64 bit Linux machines. Be sure to download the appropriate version for your computer.

It also requires that the computer have Java SE6 update 30 or higher, which is available for download from Sun Microsystems (http://www.java.com/en/download)

If you are not sure whether you have the correct version of Java or whether you have Java at all, then visit: http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp? and it will test to see what is installed on your computer.

           Installing GeoChem-EZ              

Geochem-EZ is downloaded as a zipped file. This file folder will contain all of the files that you will need to run the program. We have also included a number of example case files to help learn the program.

Install GeoChem-EZ by copying the contents of the unzipped file folder into a directory. In naming the directory please do include any spaces in the file name. Also, we do not know the limit to which the program folder can be nested within a directory or the maximum file name length, so we recommend placing the progam folder in the root directory (C:\GeochemEZ or C:\Geochem) and naming the folder as Geochem or GeochemEZ. Linux Users: After unzipping the file in Linux, it will be necessary to change the permission of the file georun for execution. This can be done by typing chmod  +x georun inside the installation folder

          Running GeoChem-EZ                 

To launch GeoChem-EZ simply click the GeoChemEZ.jar. Alternatively, place a Geochem-EZ shortcut on the computer desktop. In Linux, just type java -jar GeoChem-EZ.jar inside the installation directory. We have included an icon.ico file in the resources folder if you wish to change the shortcut icon to our logo. GeoChem-EZ requires Java SE6 update 30 or higher, which is available for download from Sun Microsystems (http://www.sun.com/download/index.jsp).The first time that the program is opened there may appear error messages related to the program not be able to find the appropriate databases. Please ignore this and configure these files.

To configure the program: Select “Options” on the top menu bar and then choose the locations for the default work directory (normally the “MyData” folder), the Metal/Ligand database (usually GEODAT-A.lig unless you have your own database file), and the GEODAT-A.Salts file (found in the resources folder). Default Template is reserved for those users who want to open a specific each time the program starts.

Note: Users may encounter problems with Geochem-EZ if their Windows default language is set to anything other than English (United States). The problem arises when commas are used in place of decimal points. Windows users with this issue will need to change their default language to English (United States) via the control panel choosing the Region and Language option before running Geochem-EZ. Within the “Formats” tab of the Region and Language option choose English (United States) and then click on “Additional Settings". In the “Numbers” tab of “Additional Settings” check to see whether the decimal sysmbol is now a period (.) and not a comma.

If you are receiving error messages and have installed and configured the program properly, then the default language may be the issue.

          Using GeoChem-EZ              

To get a feel for how GEOCHEM-EZ works, it is best to first look at the Help files. To get there launch GEOCHEM-EZ, then go to menu bar at the top of the program interface, click on Help and choose “Launch Help”. This will open our Help files in your default web browser. The “Quick Start Page” and the “Advanced Options Page” are recommended first introductions to the program. It will show you how to enter and run a case and some of the options that will make your analysis more powerful.

The Help files display better on the Mozilla Firefox browser (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/). If you are a seasoned GEOCHEM-PC user, then you can simply open your old "dat" files and get to work. We have included in the My Data folder several example files with the Geochem-EZ “geo” file extension that can be opened with the "load file" option.

          Critical Files                      

As expected, if the files within GeoChem's directory are tampered with, then GeoChem-EZ may not run properly. The first four files in this directory that should not be moved or altered are:

1) GEORUN.EXE (Georun in Linux)

This contains the executable file for GEOCHEM, which is run by GeoChem-EZ.

2) GEOCHEM.CFG (geochem.cfg in Linux)

This is used by GEORUN.EXE and is written anew every run by GeoChem-EZ.

3) Interface.cfg (interface.cfg in Linux)

This file saves all the databases the user selects, along with their default work directory and template. If this is deleted, GeoChem-EZ will revert to a default configuration and generate new file

4) GeoChemEZ.jar

This executable file contains all the necessary Java files to run GeoChem-EZ.


These next three files can be modified, but with care not to change any of the file structure.


An exception to the "do not touch rule is this database file, which stores the molecular weights of all the metals and ligands in the GEODAT-A.LIG database. If you expand on this database and wish to use g/L and mg/L in GeoChem-EZ, you can edit this database with any ASCII editor. The format is simply [m/l] [code#] [molecular weight]. The only time that this database should be modified is when metals or ligands are added to the GEODAT-A.LIG database.

6)Resources Directory

This directory contains the default SALTS and LIG databases as well as the entire help system and some images used by EZ. Add your own custom LIG databases here.

All content in this directory should be accessed only through the GeoChem-EZ program.

7)'MyData' Directory

This is the default directory to store all of the user’s input and output files. This would include files with .geo, .out, and .dat file extensions. Upon installation of the program, it will contain example files in both .DAT and .GEO formats.

There may also be a number of temporary files with GEOCHEM-EZ in its run of GEOCHEM-PC. You are free to delete these.

          Error Reporting                      

If you find bugs, are experiencing glitches, or have suggestions on how to improve the program, then please e-mail us at GeochemEZsupport@gmail.com or click on the picture of the Yak in the Help files and report your problems.

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